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Key Qualities of Good Dog Bite Suits

by Derek

Dog bite suits are designed for training and recreating real dog bite scenarios. There are many benefits of using these suits. They help lessen the risk of flimsy bites. You can run, aggravate, and twist your dog and direct its bites to specific target areas on the suit. Some of these suits feature cuffed sleeves and allow easier movement.

The ideal suits enable you to stay on your feet, while taking hits, and provide faster feedback to the dog. There are also special suits designed for police dog bite training purpose. They provide an extra level of protection. High-quality suits are made to last.

Main Features of Dog Bite Suits

Some of the key features of a high-quality dog bite suit are as follows:

Better Target Areas

The ideal vest should fold properly through the shoulder and chest area and create a pocket for the canine to bite. It should enable a front attack. Besides, you should be able to direct the dog to wherever you want it to engage. This helps create a full grip and works similarly to an actual attack. It will also have all the buckles hidden to prevent any risk to the canine.

Extra Padding & Excellent Mobility

A well-designed suit has extra padding and enables mobility. Some of the main features of such a suit include:

  • The front of the pants features an extra bib to keep the torso safe when the arms are raised
  • The legs fit perfectly while doing away with unwanted bulk
  • There should be additional padding to absorb leg bites when engaging or running

Well-Designed Arms

The arms are slightly longer, allowing you to raise your arms without causing the suit body to raise. This prevents the suit from creeping up and getting in the way of the dog. The rear area over the shoulder and armpit also provides good biting surfaces. There should be extra padding on the chest, bice, and triceps area.

Recreating a Real Situation

Some dog bite suits are designed to create real world situations. They don’t carry bulky padding or extra folding and thus are not meant for everyone. Such a suit helps create more opportunities for you to exert pressure.

Single-Piece Construction

Some training suits feature a single-piece construction. This helps eliminate:

  • Vulnerable points at the place where the pants meet the jacket
  • Loose material
  • Riding up

Focus on Trainer Comfort

There are also dog bite suites that are light weight but provide good comfort and flexibility. Such suits can be used for all-day training. You can face more attacks without suffering much impact. Besides, there is no sense of a stiff suit.

Full-Coverage Suits

These suits will help train dogs in full takedowns. Such takedowns focus more on engaging and hitting a suspect. Such suits provide more flexible and fuller coverage during fast drives.

With good dog bite suites, the movement continues to become smoother as they break in. Overall, they can provide the perfect balance of flexibility, protection, and agility.

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