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How to Make Your Glueless Lace Frontal Wigs To Not Fall Off

by Derek

As you may already know, glueless lace frontal wigs will most likely fall off in intensive situations. So, this knowledge might make you not fancy the idea of getting these wigs. However, since they are also beautiful hairs, you might want to own a few of them. But, you still need to know how to keep them on your head to avoid losing them.

glueless lace front wigs are one of the most beautiful hairs you can find today. To keep them on your head without glue, you need a few products that work for this purpose. Products like adhesive tapes for hairpieces, wig clips, silicon sheets, and a few others are suitable for this purpose.

The article teaches how to wear a glueless lace frontal wig so it won’t fall off. You will learn the products to use and how to use them.

What are glueless lace frontal wigs?

There are people who still don’t know what glueless lace frontal wigs are, although they probably own one of them. As the name implies, this type of hairpiece doesn’t use glues to stay in place on your head. It also doesn’t need any related adhesive for this purpose. Also, they are full lace hairs with beautiful edges to enhance your beauty.

How to make glueless lace frontal wigs not fall off

Usually, glueless lace frontal wigs don’t need glues because they come with products you can use to make them not fall off. Products like clips, combs, and bands will help you wear the hair without falling off. But, some of them don’t come with these sealing products, so you need to get the products and apply them yourself.

Silicon sheets

Silicon sheets are the most common and easy-to-apply products for glueless lace frontal wigs. To use the sheets properly, cut the appropriate size you need for the hair and apply it to the lace. Before applying the sheets, peel off the protective film it usually has. After this, you can glue or sew the sheet to your hair lace and wear it.

Wig grip band

The grip bands are another easy-holding product for your glueless lace frontal hair. Unlike a few other things you can use to hold your hair, the grip band prevents headaches you would most probably have when you wear wigs.

Hair combs

Hair combs are a very effective means to hold your wig in place until you are ready to take it off. This tool is easy to use, and your hair vendor will most likely give you one of it when you buy a glueless lace frontal wig.


When buying glueless lace frontal wigs, it is okay to wonder how to keep them in place and not let them slip off your head. You can do this with a few tools that might come with hair packaging. Hair combs, silicon sheets, grip bands, and a few other tools work perfectly for holding your wig in place.

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