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Decorate Your Kid’s Room With A Bed With a Slide

by Derek

Bed slides are generally found with double or 3-storied beds. These are for kids and look beautiful, adding up some extra bit of funkiness into the interior design of the kid’s room.

These can enhance the room’s appeal because of the uniqueness of bed with slide. It’s a very unusual design element for house interior design and hence will catch guests’ attention.

This article mentioned that decorating kid’s room with a Bed slide is a trendy yet rare thing to have an edge to room styling. Everyone’s head will be turned, and they will also plan to have the same.

Bed With Slide Ideas

Here it mentioned how wonderful the bed slides for your kids are and where to place them to make you and your kids enjoy them.

1. In Your Kid’s Bedroom

In your kid’s bedroom, these could be the next gift for them. When they can have fun sliding down the upper bed of such a bunk-styled bed, there is no need to climb back down. Inside the room, it can be of bright and light colors.

2. In Your Backyard Under A Shade

In your backyard under a shade, it can be a very enjoyable place as well as a showpiece. They can study or have fun. Here the best color combinations should be a contrast of bright and semi-dark color themes.


It talks about who will love these the most and where should they be placed.The best suited places for such bed slides are in the kid’s room or backyard. These places should have more open space so that the kids can play around and have fun.

1. For Kids Below 12 Years

These Bunk beds with bed slides are only suitable for kids under 12 years. Because these cannot be made in a large size suitable for kids above 12 years, otherwise it’ll be too big to fit in a room inside a house.

2. Suited For Large Rooms Only

Beds with this kind of design are only suitable for large rooms only because even if it’s made for kids, it requires a huge space to keep because of their bigger size.


It’s elaborated on why these are durable, can enhance a room’s appeal, and could be a good gifting option.

1. Durability

They’ll last for many years. Because the kids will be climbing up here with the ladders attached to it, slide down on the slides, and more than one kid will sleep in these multi-storied bunk beds, these are made with very thick and heavy wood or steel to maintain the strength and sturdiness.

2. Can Enhance A Room’s Appeal

Bed slides can change a room’s appeal totally since they look unique. The colorful design elements will appeal to the eyes along with entertaining the kids. They are a very creative way to give the room a new and unusual look.

3. Good Gifting Option

It could be a very good and thoughtful gift option for your kids from the shortlist. This will turn from a gift to their daily dose of having fun. Although it’s a big thing to gift, it will be worth it.


Mostly, these are sold with a pair of slides. To avoid being wrongly sized when used on different types of bunk beds, consider buying extra slides.

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